In Limbo

I am not a fan of ambiguity. I like decisions and plans and paths and so to have things in some undefined, neither here nor there space makes me unsettled. “I don’t know,” may be my least favorite phrase in the world.

My life is currently undefined. I’m neither divorced nor married, just waiting in a place between the two. I have no static home because I go back and forth between the house where the kids are and the room I rent 30 miles away, closer to my work. I have a job working for myself but the income is not consistent so instead of feeling fully employed I feel half employed. Under employed. Applications and resumes submitted go unanswered.

Beginning next summer, when the school year ends, the kids will have to go between two houses and I’m starting to understand how trying this will be for them. When I leave the house to go to my townhouse for my days away, I have to carry all the things I need for work and all the clothes I think I’ll wear and all the documents I might need to access and chargers and laptops and makeup and shoes and two coats and I feel more like I live in my car than anywhere else. How will this be for the kids, then, when they have to go from Zachary’s home to my home and they forget something at one place but need it at the other? How will we keep track of homework and permission slips? What if they want to play with a friend from one neighborhood when they’re spending the night at the other? Will they wake up wanting to wear a certain shirt and realize it’s at Dad’s house?

Soon my life will take more definition. The divorce will be final and I will have a new, loaded label. I will find a job. I will have my own space where the kids and I can shape a new home. But right now I feel like I’m floating in space and flailing my arms and there’s nothing to ground me so I just bounce around with no ability to control my direction. I need some direction. Direct me.
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  1. I lived with my mom Mon-Wed and my dad Thurs-Sat…switched every other Sunday. Kids are resilient. Although it may not seem like the prefect set-up, they will grow up knowing you both loved them!

  2. Yes, the little things need attention too. When I, as a mom carry a seemingly big burden, I still have to pay attention to little details to make things easier for the kids. But somehow, I get by. It’s not easy but we get by in life. And I know you will too.

  3. This is by far your most honest post (That I’ve read at least!) I’m really sorry you’re going through this. I’m sure the logistics alone are driving you nuts let alone the emotions. Glad you shared with us . . .

    • Thank you. I’m normally a brutally honest person, but I’m finding it hard to be that way in such a public venue, especially knowing my (not quite yet) ex husband and his family are reading. And they’ve already taken innocuous posts the wrong way.


  1. […] here until the end, but my 2013 may have the most upheaval in a short amount of time. This year I will need to figure out how to earn a living that will support me 100% of the time and the children 50% of the time. I will look for a home to […]

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