Brave Review and Giveaway Winner

As I wrote about earlier, I received a copy of Disney•Pixar’s Brave to review and also a copy to give away to one lucky commenter!

I’d let the kids know the movie was coming, so when the kids got off the bus Friday afternoon the first thing Isla asked was, “Are we watching Brave tonight?” Why, yes, we were! She and Miles are curious children and had plenty of questions for me. What was the movie about? Where did it take place? And, most importantly, what were we going to eat while we watched the movie?

“What are people who live in Scotland called?” Isla asked.

“Scots,” I replied.

“What do Scots eat?” she asked again.

“Hmmm,” I answered. “Good question.”

Google to the rescue, I looked up some Scottish recipes. Landed on one with only three ingredients and – even though it involved BAKING – thought I probably could manage three ingredients. Here is the recipe I followed for Scottish shortbread. Hello, four sticks of butter. Mine were not so gorgeous, I may have let the butter soften a bit too long because they spread a little, but when cropped closely they don’t look so bad!

Definitely give it a try – they are flaky and delicious! And if I can make them, anyone can. Seriously.

I also made a recipe called Scotch Collops. Only not really. Because I didn’t even bother to try to find veal, I didn’t have seasoned flour (though I made a half-hearted attempt to make some) and I didn’t use nearly as much butter as called for since the shortbread was already going to give our tickers a workout. So not really the same at all, but don’t tell the kids. Grant asked me to make it again tonight, but without the sauce, which meant he wanted breaded chicken.

On to the movie – hooray, exciting! We’ve been watching a lot of movies over and over (and over) again, so a new film was much appreciated.

First, I will say that the animation is stunning. I could not get over Merida’s hair. I marveled, I oohed, I ahhed. Isla was amazed by a scene in a river. Brave is a seriously beautiful movie.

Second, the kids found some parts exceptionally funny. There is a fight scene near the beginning that had my boys rolling, literally. Merida also has three younger brothers who provide much comic relief.

Third, as we got into the movie, I realized I’d been completely unaware of the movie’s general storyline. I won’t give anything away but will say the shape the story took to show Merida’s bravery was unexpected on my part.

I’m going to stop using numbers now. I think the kids most appreciated the action and laughs, whereas I appreciated the “follow your own desires, not anyone else’s” storyline, as well as the lessons on compromise and understanding. The kids have already requested we watch it again!

The funniest comment from one of the kids during the viewing? “That bear has a big butt!” Jonah exclaimed. He got such a strong reaction from his brothers that now he keeps repeating the phrase.

On to the winner – congratulations to Cheryl, who was the 18th commenter. Her number was selected at random using Cheryl has been contacted, and in the event she cannot be reached, a new winner will be selected.

Brave will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on November 13!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this film from Walt Disney Studios to review, but all opinions are my own.




  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I truly appreciate it. We are so doing the happy dance this morning as we get ready for school! Have a great day!

  2. I love shortbread. It’s what I bake when I’m out of eggs and need something sweet.

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