The Best Online Shopping Tip I’ve Got

As a busy, working mom to four kids, online shopping is a lifesaver. I used to think, “But I have to pay shipping if I buy online!” Well, I quickly realized that taking everyone to the mall or store with me ended up costing far more than that original shipping charge. Okay, maybe not so quickly, but now I’ve seen the light, and that’s all that matters.


Shipping charge for kids’ clothes  – $6.95

Shopping trip for same kids’ clothes at the mall – $6.03 in gas for the round trip drive, $5.67 for cookies the kids begged for when we passed the food court and $23.47 in cute clothes for the kids I wasn’t originally planning to buy.

Clearly, paying a little for shipping wins.

But I still like to hunt for bargains and get my final total down as low as possible. Using sites that offer free shipping is good, but I’ve found you sometimes have to compare the online prices on those sites to in-store, as occasionally the online retailers offering free shipping build the shipping costs into the online prices.

Today I had to buy new checks of all things. Nothing glamorous or exciting, and I certainly didn’t want to spend a ton of money on them when I write about two checks a month. One box is going to last me until Isla is in college.

Enter my favorite online shopping weapon – Have you been there? Great, then you know what a money saver it can be. Never heard of it? Go check it out, now! (Note: I am not an employee of, nor do I play one on TV, I just wanted to share the information).

Before you hit “Submit Order” on any online purchase, first head to RetailMeNot and type in the site’s URL. Today I was able to get 50% off my checks plus free shipping, saving me a good amount and making me feel less wasteful buying the rarely-to-be-used checks in the first place. Here you see I was daydreaming about buying some Boden clothes, but sadly I didn’t actually order any.

Have you scored big with RetailMeNot before? What other online shopping tips do you love?



  1. ebates, you get a % back on your purchases.

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