Are We Talking Flippers or Scrapers Here?

Because it’s really not very clear. And maybe I’m more enthusiastic about rubber scrapers than I am about pancake turners. That would totally influence my decision about applying or not.


As I think I’ve mentioned, I’m looking for a new job. Something part time for now, because my  own business obligations are keeping me busy at least through November, but a full time job search will be on the horizon soon. Actually, I’ve sent in resumes for a handful of full time jobs, as well, just because my new economic and life situation is going to require more income than my business currently provides, but the pickings are slim out there, I tell ya. I’ve applied for five part time jobs so far – I interviewed twice for one, but ultimately was not offered the position (I would have had to decline, anyway, for a few reasons) and the other four, despite me being more than qualified, resulted in empty inboxes.

Yeah, the economy is tough for everyone. And might be especially so for this mom of four who received her last paycheck in 2003. I’m seriously considering waiting tables again, even though I had nightmares about being in the weeds or having a hostess quadruple-sit me for, oh, a good eight years after I quit my last waitressing job, know what I mean, homes? (Thumbs up to my fellow servers, past or present, who understand those references.) But waiting tables is a decent, temporary solution to what will hopefully be a temporary financial shortfall.

Or perhaps I will suddenly have an influx of clients who will throw zillions of dollars at me and I can keep the job I love. Or maybe the lottery ticket in my wallet from last month, still unchecked, is a multi-million dollar winner and I can use my gobs of cash to go back to school.

Or maybe you’ll find me at the Mall of America next month hawking Spatulas.


Written to participate in Just Write, inspired by the Craigslist ad and its capitalization of Spatulas.


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