The Bright Side

The call came today as I was walking with Jonah in the sunshine.

“Run!” he yelled to me.  “The T-Rex is going to get us!” So we ran down the sandy path and escaped dinosaurs and threw shells into the river and watched woodpeckers peck. Not the time to take phone calls.

The company I had interviewed for left a message saying they’d chosen not to extend an offer for employment. They loved me, the woman explained, but another person had just a little more specifically-fitting background.

To be honest, I was going to turn it down had they offered, anyway. I can’t commit to a long-term part time position.

My first interview in over a decade, and my first rejection. But it’s okay. I was thrilled just to be asked to interview, with the job market the way it is and the fact that I’ve stayed home with my children for the majority of the last nine years.

I’m looking on the bright side, I tell myself. Because I don’t have a full time office job I got to spend the whole day with Jonah. I called our daycare provider and told her I was going to spend all day with my littlest, while the bigger ones practiced Spanish and math facts at school. If I had a job working for someone other than myself this day might not have happened, and today was beautiful.


Written to participate in Just Write, and it is painfully free this week because a raging headache left me with zero ability to focus or proofread. I probably should have just gone to bed.



  1. Being a wahm, it really is a see saw of emotions. I find myself doing cost and benefit analysis every now and then to comfort myself but at the end of the day, I would not have it any other way. I know that in time, things will take a turn and as moms, we have to be responsive, not even balanced.

  2. I’m really glad you can see the bright side. I hate that word rejection, so I’m extending you a full time job offer of being my internet friend. It doesn’t pay well, but you are much more qualified than that other person.

  3. It sounds like you have so much ahead of you: the many brilliant moments to be had with Jonah and other loved ones; the possibilities of a new job along the road to the working world filled with not just one but more interviews where each interview gives you new insight and hands-on prepping for the next one. Congrats on living a full life and sharing a bit of it here…

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