I’m Calm. Yeah, Really.

I have an interview tomorrow. My first interview in 11 years.

A part time job – one that I can, theoretically, fit into the spaces not occupied by my kids and current job. Apparently I don’t think I’m busy enough.

No, it’s not that. I’m not looking to fill hours. My hours are plenty filled. I’m looking to sneak back into the working world. The kind of working world with set schedules, regular paychecks and no weekends or late nights.

My sister sent me the job description and on paper it sounds great. Small company, flexible hours and the work is similar to what I do every day on my own. While the pay isn’t stellar, it’s a start. I’m happy just to have been offered an interview. I’m 35, with four children, and I haven’t worked for anyone but myself since Miles was born.

Life around here is too chaotic for me to spend time fretting over how the interview might play out. The luxury of wasted time simply doesn’t exist. I’ve got more client work in the next three days than I can fit into the hours available and instead of Freaking Out (or, worse, FREAKING OUT!!!) I’m telling myself, “It will get done. It will work out. Chill out. You’ll be fine.”


Do I need to bring anything to my interview? Copies of my resume? References? Fingerprints for a background check? Wine? I haven’t interviewed in 11 years, people, I have no idea anymore.

Is the sweater I plan to wear even clean?

Do I have time to get a sorely-needed manicure so the women interviewing me don’t think I’m a complete mess when they look at my rough cuticles? I’ve been so stressed and preoccupied I’ve bitten my thumbnails down to oblivion.

Are they going to judge me by my cuticles?? 

What if they ask me how I handle conflicts in the workplace?

“Well, when my fourth grader yells at me that I don’t let him do anything fun, I tell him to go sit on his bed and think about all the kids in the world who don’t even know what a Wii is, much less own one. Oh, you meant a different kind of workplace?”

Oh yeah, I’m totally calm. No worries.


Written for Just Write, a weekly exercise in free writing.







  1. Good luck! You’ll probably do great. And unless you are applying to be a hand model, they shouldn’t judge your cuticles.

  2. Hey, good luck!!! You’ll do great. Whatever the result, it’s the first major step going back in there and you’ll be gain progress in no time. I know how you must feel. I can see myself doing that in probably 7 more years!


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  2. […] pickings are slim out there, I tell ya. I’ve applied for five part time jobs so far – I interviewed twice for one, but ultimately was not offered the position (I would have had to decline, anyway, for a few […]

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