Words and No Words, Plans and No Plans

There are so many words in my head right now and they’re shouting so loudly over each other I can’t sort out what to write.

There are plans with no definition, which doesn’t really make them plans now, does it?

I hate the uncertainty of unplanned plans. I like decisions.

A busy schedule and a school year starting and a heart full of four children keep me distracted enough until it comes time to sit and think about what to write and then I can’t figure it out so I am not going to try.

I’m busy. I’m anxious. I’m waiting.


This was very hastily written for Just Write while my computer updates something important and I had five minutes of time where I couldn’t figure out what else to do.

I hate cryptic, say-nothing posts like this, but today it’s all I’ve got.



  1. It is a little cryptic and has me CURIOUS!!!! Totally get this crazy before school starts time when the kids are so flipping sick of summer but have nothing to do. It’s the pits. Yay for school soon!

  2. Nothing wrong with this kind of post 🙂 Sometimes it feels good to just. write. 🙂

  3. “a heart full of four children”
    I love that. That’s exactly it.

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