Do Not Follow

I took my daughter along for my jog the other night. The air was light and cool and reminded me that soon autumn will replace summer and the leaves will start to fall off the trees, so I’d better take the time to enjoy their greenery and the sunshine now.

I ran up a hill; my daughter pedaled with all her strength to make it. At the top we caught our breath and then prepared for the easier glide back to the bottom.

A boy on a bike, a boy about her age, came from nothing and whizzed past her and down a grassy hill.

“Hi!” he called. She yelled hello back, then looked after him as his head disappeared down the slope and her own bike veered off the pavement.  For a moment she teetered and almost lost her balance as her wheels rolled unexpectedly into the sod, but she righted herself and rode on.

“Phew,” she said. “That was a close one. I accidentally almost followed him and fell!”

“Good save,” I said.

But what I wanted to say was, “Do not follow anyone. Travel together if you’re on the same path, but don’t change your course for anyone else. You may not be able to find your way back again.”
Written to participate in Just Write, a weekly free-writing exercise.



  1. Oh, I love what you wanted to say! That is beautiful! That’s it completely. And super important when picking your mate. Travel together long enough to know if you can travel together for life!

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