I’m Busy, How About You?

In a world where being busy is practically a competitive sport, I feel like I’m stating the glaringly obvious when I declare, “I’ve got a lot going on, people!” What with the four children, the job that is creeping into full-time territory, life in general, and some stressful situations. Typical life.  You can relate? I’m sure you can – I don’t think I can name a single person who is not busy. Or maybe I just shouldn’t name those people for fear of them thinking I’m calling them lazy. Don’t worry – I don’t mean you.

Anyway, I’m posting to say I’ve been too busy to post. Too occupied to even write future posts, which I’d liked to do, or photograph new recipes or read more than three sentences in a book in one sitting. When school starts in a few weeks, my daytime hours will be filled with more dedicated work time, but school comes with its own set of time-suckers, like homework and having to be places on time and all that. Luckily the kids are really excited to go, though I have to admit I fear I’m going to miss them a little more this year while they’re off learning.

I leave you with this comic from today’s Star Tribune. Baby Blues is a favorite – always spot on. This one was so me, I laughed out loud. Honest.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you when I see you!



  1. So true. Two weeks ago I missed a meeting because I thought it was the day after it was scheduled and then missed a dentist appointment the next day. It’s a bad sign when I’m looking forward to the baby being born so I can have a rest. Hang in there! I’m with you.

  2. Yes, busy, busy, busy. I wrote a post today for the first time in forever. I miss commenting and reading and writing. Maybe once school starts and NO ONE will be in my house but me. Maybe.

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