The Slowdown

I know, I just wrote a post titled The Advance recounting how the kids have shot ahead in milestones, but today I’m writing about our slowdown.

Baseball ended last week. I know the boys are sad that their summer ritual is over, and they made such awesome progress, but the calendar tells me that from now until school starts, our nights are free and unhurried. We can eat warm dinners again, at the table, with proper silverware. Swimming lessons will be finished after next week, so our mornings will be returned to us, as well.

School starts in one month, and I’m declaring today Day 1 of The Slowdown.

This morning I lazed around with the kids and watched cartoons. I have about six billion work projects I could have slunk off to attend to, but I left them alone. We went to the park for my nephew’s birthday party and got our feet dirty in the playground sand and ate too much sugar in the form of a Spongebob Squarepants cake, and I allowed the children each a can of pop, as well, surely earning me “great mom” status for at least four days.

Tonight we might eat dinner, we might not. The kids’ bellies are still full of sweets and a little popcorn might be enough to keep them . Movie night, you see – watching the Disney classic Swiss Family Robinson. My brothers and sister and I watched the movie over and over again when we were younger. I imagine we thought that island and treehouse were the most incredible things ever. I hope my kids’ imaginations are sparked by it, too.

For four weeks we’ll live summer as we probably should have at the beginning of June – less plans, more time barefoot in the yard getting our daily doses of vitamin D before the weather turns brisk.



  1. I loved Swiss Family Robinson! I had a secret crush on Ernst.
    All our tennis and swimming lessons are finally over too and there is so much to enjoy about doing nothing. I hope you have a relaxing and slow four weeks.

  2. In my home, I didn’t get a chance to slow down before school started that it was a ruckus when school finally came. I think pushed the summer to the limit! A slowdown for a month is a good idea. =>

  3. Sounds beautiful – enjoy the month! And I hope it doesn’t get harried for you at the end!

  4. Ah, we’re spending the next three weeks slowing down too. Then school starts and YAY for that!

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