Free Vacation Planning Spreadsheet to Download (My Disney Madness)

I get many hits to this blog from people searching for how to plan a Disney World vacation with kids, and I’ve had a few requests for a copy of the spreadsheet I use to plan our trip, from the advance dining reservations (ADRs) to the confirmation numbers for flights and the resort.

Here is a blank version of the spreadsheet I use, free for you to use for your own trip to Florida, Disneyland in California, or anywhere else you might go where you will need a daily reminder of reservations.

Download Link: Vacation Planning Spreadsheet

Here is a screen shot:

Along the top you’ll want to change your titles to the dates of your trip. If you’re going to be on vacation longer (lucky!), add new columns, and if for fewer days, just delete some.

“AM EMH” and “PM EMH” are for you to note when the Extra Magic Hours are held each day. Extra Magic Hours are only for Disney World Resort guests, so if you’re staying off-property, just delete those rows.

“Recommended” is a line where you can record which parks were recommended to you to go to that day, either by friends, people on message boards, or a site like (the site I used for crowd calculators and park recommendations).

“Our Plan,” is just that. Put in the park or parks you plan to go to each day. Why is this important? You’ll only need this if you make reservations for particular experiences or restaurants. For example, on the day I made reservations for Akershus, we’ll be going to Epcot all day since we are not purchasing Park Hopper tickets.

“Park Hours,” is, again, self-explanatory. Look up the park hours on the park website to determine when the park will be open. Animal Kingdom usually has the least amount of hours open.

There are slots for each half hour for most of your day. If you’re like me, not much will be filled in – we have one dining reservation per day, so I used the spreadsheet to keep track of the times and confirmation numbers in the time slots. The day before we leave for our trip I’ll print this out and put a few copies in our luggage and my purse so I always know where we need to be and when!

And, if you need them, additional spaces below for your resort confirmation and airline confirmations.

Have fun planning! I know I can’t wait for our next trip.


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