Garden Update – Our Veggies Runneth Over

So, a while back I posted photos of some of the seedlings in my late-planted garden. Hard to believe that was just over a month ago, because my garden is now positively teeming with produce.

The only thing we’ve been able to harvest so far are the radishes, spinach and lettuce. My lettuce is, I think, freakishly tall. Perhaps I should have harvested it earlier because some of it is over a foot in height and that just doesn’t seem right. I got three cucumber plants from our row of seeds, and there is a monstrous amount of flowers on them, packed so closely together I am unsure how any cucumbers will actually grow (see lower left image). The cabbage (left side of lower right image) doesn’t look particularly cabbage-y yet, but I’m trying to stay patient. Same with the broccoli – we tried to grow it last year and my puny plants never turned into broccoli at all. This year, the plants look heartier (middle right image) but no florets yet. When do they appear? What is going on? What did I screw up?

The kids love running out to check to see how much things have grown. They can identify almost all of the plants and help me when it comes time to pick the herbs. The crazy vines on the left in the top photo? Those are “orange honeydew” or something. I thought that meant cantaloupe, but what do I know? The seed packet said to plant them three inches apart. Well, if the number of flowers are any indication, I might be able to open my own melon stand later this year. I’ll sell ’em cheap.

I wish I could tell you why my plants have grown like weeds (heh heh) but I have no gardening advice for you. I don’t even hardly have any weeds this year, perhaps because I planted everything so close together and added some mulch. I guess that’s a bit of advice for you. I don’t use any pesticides or weed killers; the garden is totally organic, which might account for the holes you see in my broccoli leaves. I read recently about using crushed up egg shells around the plants, to add some protection against some garden pests and also to nourish the soil, so I have been saving the shells and adding some just a few days ago.

I can’t wait until the vegetables are all fully grown. I’m already loving the fresh basil and cilantro that are only half a yard away from my kitchen. I have leftover pine nuts from a recent recipe and plan to make gobs of pesto. Yum!

If you’re in the area an are in need of cucumbers, lettuce or melons at any point, let me know, I’m sure we’ll have plenty to share.

How is your garden growing so far?



  1. Cool! Can’t wait to see pictures of the final veggies. As for our gardens, we made progress in that we finally admitted we were never going to weed ourselves and hired someone to do it for us. So yay!

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