Don’t Stop Moving

There is something to be said about momentum.

If you’ve found it, if you’re hitting your stride, if you’re in the groove – don’t stop. Slow down if you need to, but don’t quit.

Today I planned to work out. a plan I made almost daily over the last two years and managed to keep most of those days. Until March came around and walloped me with a business trip and a tragedy and I – stopped.

Yesterday I could have stopped again. I wanted to stop before I’d even begun. I felt tired. I had work to do. But I put on my brand-new black and electric blue shoes and grabbed the iPod and I stumbled through my neighborhood and didn’t stop until 45 minutes of sweat had poured out of me. My shoulders hurt when I got home and I felt unsteady.  Jogging after you’ve stopped jogging is not easy.

Today, yes, I planned to work out, a plan I’d made almost daily the last two months and rarely kept. I sat down to check the forecast because the sky looked dark and I think a part of me hoped I’d see “80% chance of rain,” so I could bow out of my jog with some artificial dignity. Checking the forecast turned into checking my e-mail which turned into me sorting some client contracts I had on my desk. I was the very opposite of momentum.

Then I reminded myself how good it felt to get out in the air last night and let my feet smack-smack-smack the pavement. I may have ended up dizzy but I’d done it. I didn’t stop.

Don’t stop moving. Take a rest or pause or call a time out, but keep those feet shuffling. Starting again down the road gets harder and harder the more time you spend motionless.

Written in to participate in Heather’s “Just Write” free-writing exercise at The Extraordinary Ordinary, this one was really spur of the moment.



  1. Beautifully written. As Albert Einstein said, “‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

  2. I must say some days are just not jogging days. Maybe some vigorous walking instead?

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