1,000 Views and Counting

In a very short amount of time the number of views on my page has more than doubled. Before January of this year I was steadily getting about 200 views per month. Then in February it jumped to 440, then in March it was 569, the a drastic leap in April to 952, and now, before May is even over I’m at 1,059.

I’m not looking too in-depth into this. I don’t use Google Analytics for this blog and I almost never check my StatCounter, just look at the WordPress stats, but it’s kind of fun to see the rise in readership, however modest those numbers may be. Thanks to those who follow me or stumble upon me in a search!

This is completely unrelated, but this week we have a pre-Memorial Day barbecue and I’m trying two new recipes. Simple White Cake and marinated chicken kebabs, both from allrecipes.com. I had an idea for beautiful cupcakes, half of which I may tint blue, topped with white icing and a strawberry. I can still do that, but the only liners I have are black, Halloween-themed ones or over-the-top yellow with words all over. Oh well, they’ll still be edible. I hope. This is me we’re talking about, the bad baker.


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