The Harried Mother Lunch Special

I’ve neglected my blog this week. I neglected a lot of things this week. Multiple clients threw projects at me all at once so I’ve been cramming in work when I can, but Jonah was sick all last weekend and Zachary was out of town so I fell quite behind. Except for one night, I don’t think I went to bed before 1 or 2 am for more than a week, then had to wake at 6:30. My mind was so exhausted on Wednesday night that I found I could barely spell anything correctly, like using the word “huge” for “hug” or “fase” for “face.”

When life is hectic like this, there’s a triage process I have to go through, where I choose which parts of my life are essential or can be saved, or which I can do without or don’t stand a chance at being accomplished. One of the first things I cut is exercise, sadly. Even though I know it will make me feel better and reduce stress, I also fear it will make me more tired, which means I wouldn’t be able to pull a marathon work session from 9 pm until midnight. Sleep also gets cut because, as a mom who works from home and has four children, the evening hours are often the only ones I can snag if I want some uninterrupted time to be productive.

And then there’s eating. Or eating well, I should say. When I don’t plan ahead and I’m mind-numbingly busy, food slips. This morning I had cold cereal instead of my usual eggs or oatmeal. Nothing awful about cold cereal, it wasn’t neon-colored or filled with 158 grams of sugar, but not as filling. Wednesday I didn’t have time to eat dinner until 10:15 at night. I was in an unfamiliar town an hour from home and my options were gas stations or fast food. It was raining and Arby’s had a drive through, so I chose Arby’s.

With no time to really make dinners this week, I had no dinners to photograph, and no time to write down recipes, either. So, behold, my lunch special a few times this week.

Those are crusts of my children’s sandwiches, atop the newspaper it took me three days to read. I believe that’s some sort of low, though I’m inclined to call myself  “eco-friendly” since I’m saving the crusts from the trash, as my kids won’t eat them.

Isla had a birthday party to go to today and Zachary is at work, so I hired a mother’s helper to play with the boys this morning so I could strike a few more work items off my list. I should have a fairly low-key week in comparison, which will hopefully mean the return of sleep, exercise and real meals.

Of course, the last day of school is on Friday.




  1. […] with is food waste. What am I supposed to do with the crusts of the kids’ sandwiches (besides eat them myself, which I occasionally do, just so I don’t have to throw them away)? The specific ingredient […]

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