The Versatile Blogger

I am new to this blogging thing so when I see that another woman who writes a blog I read nominates me for an award to pass on, I feel a little giddy (if not unsure of what to do with it). It’s nice to hear that someone out there is reading what I write! Vicky from Vicky, the Northern Chicky nominated fifteen bloggers and I was among those she mentioned, and now it’s my turn to nominate 15 more.

So here is my list. Some are about food, some about parenting, some have professional or creative advice, but they all keep me coming back to read more.  I follow many, many more, but for the sake of time these are my fifteen!

Carrie’s Sweet Life

Questionable Housekeeping

A Word Between Us

Nina Badzin

The Garry Chronicles

Midwest Kids


The Creative Mama

Blonde Mom Blog

Kristin’s Four Kids


Debt Free Decorating

Happiness Stan Lives Here

Food is My Life

While Chasing Kids


I also need to list seven facts about myself. Hmmm….

1. I love photography.

2. I am mildly afraid of heights.

3. I am mildly afraid of the ocean. Not sure why, I live about as far away from an ocean as you can get!

4. I have a tattoo.

5. I can drive a car with a manual transmission.

6. I rowed crew for a very, very, very brief period of time in college. And I wasn’t any good.

7. I once had a singing telegram delivered to me at my place of work. I was a waitress and it was during the lunch rush. I blushed.



  1. Thanks for the tag!!! p.s. I can’t drive a manual transmission, I’m afraid of heights, and I wish I lived closer to the ocean! 😉

  2. Thankyou!

  3. congrats

  4. Thanks for the award! I hope to get to a post tomorrow!!!

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