Less Than 10% of Battery Remaining

It’s 9:47 pm, and I haven’t heard a cough or a giggle from the area of the kids’ rooms in an hour.

This morning I ate breakfast and read the paper, a ritual I rarely skip, then my time with the kids began in earnest. Put in over 12 hours today, as a mom while the kids were awake and a business owner after they fell asleep. Sat down for half of my lunch and then had approximately 8 minutes of downtime between getting home from the park with the boys and then turning around to go pick up Isla.

Jonah must have been exhausted (thank you, fresh spring air!) because he only tried to get out of bed once, a small and happy miracle. While he tried to doze off upstairs the older kids and I taste-tested a rich new dessert recipe I tried tonight. And then, bedtime for the big ones. They are at an age now where they don’t need help from me or Zachary to get ready for sleep – they go upstairs and brush their teeth and put on their pajamas and we tuck them in and they are good. No, it’s not always that straightforward, but tonight the whole process took only 30 minutes.

I sat on the couch and grabbed my iPad and waited for the kids to fall silent. Took my turns in Words, Hanging and Scramble with Friends, then Draw Something. Sighed when I thought about the work still ahead of me tonight – the joyous task of filing quarterly sales tax.

Then a warning popped up on my screen.

“Less than 10% of battery remaining.”

Tonight I recognize that I have less than 10% of battery remaining, too. Maybe even less than 5%. I need to recharge so I can be a better mother and wife and worker tomorrow. Before I had children, I had the luxury of having more time to relax, yes, but I also appreciated the value of down time, of having minutes or hours each day devoted to resting or hobbies or socializing. I didn’t suffer from major guilt when I sat down to read a book like I am apt to do now (“But there’s laundry to do!” or “I should be working out,” or “The towels need to be folded”).

The kids are sleeping, the house is calm, and I am going to replenish my reserves by taking in the quiet.

This is a very late entry for Just Write, an exercise in free writing led by (a different) Heather at The Extraordinary Ordinary.

(And just wanted to say a quick thank you to Debt Free Decorating, for nominating me for a Sunshine Award! I’m honored that anyone actually reads this blog, much less finds it interesting enough to send me an award, so thank you! If I have time this week I will pass that sunshine around to some other bloggers, as well, but for now I’m shutting my computer down and chilling out!)



  1. You’re welcome. And don’t worry, I’m not checking to see if you’ve followed the rules, lol. I think they’re fun buttons, but to answer all the questions is by far not the most important thing in life.
    I know what you mean about running on 10% or even 5%! I do that a lot and feel guilty that I’m not running on higher energy–even though I haven’t “plugged” in for a while. If I’m running on low I declare that my baby, 7 mth old Joshua “needs” a bath. I run the water as hot as possible, I soak and read until it’s cool enough for him, and then I bath him. I get to relax and read, and then I take care of my mommy duty to bathe him while I’m in there.

  2. I am living a life similar to yours…kids, wife, business owner, sister, daughter — all at the same time. I am quite new at being a WAHM and I’m still making the pieces fit. Thank you for spreading the sunshine. I find your words very helpful to me.

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