The Red Dress – Fifty Dollars

As happens with everyone some days, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day. Overtired, perhaps, or just a black cloud that formed out of nothing and would be gone soon.

I sat down at my computer that morning working and I was wishing I could play with the kids instead of answer client e-mails,  but I logged onto Facebook first before starting just for five minutes of down time. I scrolled through status updates and liked a few photos.

And then – there it was. A little gift.

In my local online garage sale group, a woman had posted a dress for sale.

“50.00 dollars,” the description began. “Whore it once.”

Now, I am happy to report, I am feeling much better.


This post was written to participate in Just Write, an exercise in free writing. No editing, scary! Check out the link for more words that capture little bits of other lives.



  1. “Whore it once” would definitly pull me out of my funk, too. All through out your post I nodded my head agreeing. Oh I’ve been there, Oh I get that, ah that is my house, too… Then I read the “whore it once” and instantly brightened.

    Thanks for the smile!


  2. Bwah haha – that made me smile, too! I get the crabby/stressed funk. Last Wed-Sat wad pretty rough for me.

  3. This made my day. I can’t stand days like what you’re describing and to find a little jewel to turn it around is priceless!

  4. Oh, my, whoever wrote that must be cringing. 🙂

    Good attitude is so hard to attain and so easy to slip out of. Just keep fighting the good fight!

  5. Schadenfreud. Wie recht!

  6. LOL. I’m kinda bummed they corrected it. “Whore it once” is just so perfect!

  7. Oh, I love that dress! AT least a little smile is better than no smile at all!

  8. Love it — and your writing. : D It’s been a crabby kinda week here too. I Hope yours has gotten better.

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