Light and Airy Pancakes Recipe – With Sugar or Sugar-Free

Weekday mornings are hectic around here. Get the kids up, feed them breakfast, make lunches, and make sure everyone is presentable (weather-appropriate clothing and brushed hair) and smells okay (brushed teeth). Breakfast is a rushed affair and the options are cold cereal or frozen waffles. Oatmeal once in a blue moon.

Weekends are usually more leisurely, but the kids still like quick breakfasts. Three Sundays in a row I offered to make pancakes only to be turned down. The kids either think I’m a seriously inept cook or they just couldn’t wait to fill their bellies with food.

But last weekend I won out. iPad at the ready, I brought up the recipe from for Fluffy Pancakes. Let myself boast internally about my superior mom skills. Made from scratch pancakes!

As I carefully measured my beautiful batter onto my hot griddle I thought, “How interesting, a pancake recipe without sugar.”

Then I looked at the recipe in panic and realized I’d forgotten to add the sugar.

I didn’t tell the kids my mistake because I wasn’t ready to tarnish my awesome-parent reputation just yet. The four pancakes I’d already prepared were golden brown and, yes, fluffy, just as the recipe had promised. Before serving them I added some spread and real maple syrup.

Turns out, the pancakes were still great! I did add sugar to the remaining batter, but I ate one of the sugarless ones along with the kids and the difference was barely noticeable, especially with the added sweetness of the syrup. Next time I make these, I think I’ll omit the sugar entirely.

So, here you are, click the link above for a pancake recipe that works with or without sugar. Enjoy!


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  1. Yum! Sadly, I will have them with sugar…unless someone tricks me I always feel like I can tell. Maybe I am a kid…

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