The Bizarre Nighttime Habits of Two-Year Old Humans

Toddlers are weird, delightful creatures. As I’ve written about (too much, perhaps), we recently transitioned Jonah (two and a half) to a big boy bed because he’d learned to climb out of his crib.

Last night I put him to bed around 7:00. We read his book, sang his songs, and I stayed for a few minutes while he decided whether to sleep backwards or not (apparently backwards means hunched up into the corner with his body crosswise across the mattress). Turned off the light and I left him so he could sleep and I could attend to the other kids’ bedtime routines. Some typical thumping around occurred but I didn’t even look in the direction of his room until it was time for me to go to bed hours later.

The light was on, so I peeked in. There was Jonah, curled up on his Toy Story sheet and sleeping soundly. But instead of wearing the complete set of robot pajamas I’d sent him to bed in, he’d managed to get his left arm out of the neck opening of the shirt, removed his pants, and was wearing just one black sock.

I had to take a picture, and laugh at the innocent absurdity. He must have decided he didn’t want to wear what I’d chosen, and then what? Got stuck? Tired himself out trying to figure out how to remove the blasted shirt? At least he had the sense to fall asleep ON his bed instead of beside it.

This morning I briefly considered that Jonah may end up looking just like this in the distant future some Saturday night when he’s off to college. Hopefully without the diaper. And hopefully not until after he’s turned 21.

In the more immediate future, Jonah will grow from a toddler to a preschooler to a kindergartener. He’ll learn the proper way to extricate himself from a shirt. His little butt will be covered by Batman underwear instead of Luvs.

I will miss this innocent craziness when the kids are older, I think.  Something tells me the craziness of teenagers is a whole new kind of crazy. And less innocent.

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