Parent-Teacher Conferences – When the Parents are the Screw Ups

So, last night we had parent-teacher conferences for Grant and Miles. Miles’ at 6:40 and Grant’s at 7:00.

Only we didn’t.

We arrived at the school, with all four kids in tow, on time, but when we reached Miles’ classroom the sign next to the door said his conference was at 7:00. Hmmmm, curious.

Headed down to Grant’s classroom thinking maybe we just transposed the times only to find his name wasn’t listed on the sign at all. To add more fun to the evening, earlier that day Isla said she thought her conference was that night, too, but no, Zachary and I had it on the calendar for next Monday. But just to check, since it appeared we were all kinds of messed up, we went by her classroom, too, only to discover we’d missed her conference, which had been at 6:20.


Luckily the teachers were beyond accommodating. Isla’s teacher squeezed us in at 6:40, Miles’ was at 7:00, and Grant’s teacher stayed late to see us at 7:20. I’m sure she was quite eager to have our attention since Grant recently avoided being suspended. Didn’t I write about that? No? Still digesting the thought of my kindergartener getting close to suspended, but maybe I’ll bring it up later.

This was our first experience bringing the kids along to the conferences, which would have gone more smoothly had Jonah not tried to upend every single toy container in each teacher’s room. Which I’m sure went over especially well considering we screwed up the times so badly (how??).

However, our kids are good students, for the most part, and we had the pleasure of listening to the teachers rave about our budding geniuses.

I’m sure they were wondering how on earth we ended up with such smart kids.


Have you ever nearly or completely missed parent-teacher conferences? How did that go over?


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