Back to Reality – Home After a Week Away from My Kids

Yesterday I flew home after seven nights away from my kids and Zachary, easily the longest I’ve gone without seeing my children. I was in California, making my way from Los Angeles to Newport Beach to Irvine to Coronado and then back to Los Angeles again. The weather was gorgeous, my work even went smoothly, and my vacation days were full of sun, good food, and fun.

But when Zachary picked me up from the airport and I saw my little Jonah sleeping in his carseat, I nearly cried with joy over seeing his sweet face again, and I think I hugged the other kids at least 100 times when they got home from school.

God, I love those kids.



  1. This sounds so much like me. I love to miss my kids and occasionally go on an outing to Starbucks without them or a date just so I can come back and hug them again. I think it’s good for both the kiddoes and you to get that time apart to realize how much you miss each other. With a nursing baby, though, that won’t be happening for me for a while. Gotta stay close to my sweet baby and give him all the cuddles he deserves until he’s a little older.

  2. A friend of ours once told me…”I love my husband. When I think about how much I love him, I smile. I love my kids. When I think about how much I love them, my heart aches because there is too much love for my heart to hold.” I SO feel that way.

  3. Sometimes we just need the break for the STRONG reminder! Not that we don’t love them all the time, but it’s valuable to have the chance to MISS them.


  1. […] I traveled to California for a friend’s wedding and got to experience gorgeous weather mid-winter. I visited family and friends in Texas. I made new friends and spent more time with old ones. My business doubled in sales. My sister had her first baby with her new husband, and my brother and his wife found out they are expecting a baby girl a year after they lost their daughter to stillbirth. I reached my lowest weight since getting married 10 years ago (let’s not talk about how the scale has inched up again, though, okay?). The kids and I spent time together having fun (and visiting urgent cares) at Disney World. I tried Zumba for the first time and loved it. My friends convinced me to go salsa dancing and I had fun even though I couldn’t keep up. I made bread for the first time and it was edible, even if it didn’t turn out as expected. […]

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