Let Sleeping Toddlers Lie – Transitioning from Crib to Bed

My little Jonah, 2 1/2, has been able to climb out of his crib for a while. He doesn’t do it at night, when it’s dark in his room and it’s bedtime, but he’ll do it within 3.2 seconds at nap time. So we moved a twin mattress into his room and put it on the floor, like we did with his three siblings before him. This past week I began putting him down in the afternoon for what we call “quiet time.” He’s given an ample supply of board books and Little People and the goal isn’t necessarily for him to sleep (though I really hope he does), but rather that he get an hour of time in his room to himself. Meaning, of course, that I get the bonus of an hour of time without the toddler underfoot.

Today Jonah did his usual banging on the door, requesting to come downstairs, and some energetic jumping on and off his new mattress, but after a while I heard… nothing. I went in to check on him an found him fast asleep, behind the door. Just like his siblings used to do.

This is what a quiet afternoon looks like!



  1. Oh so nice to finally get a nap and some quiet. We have those sheets ;).

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