Pretty New Face

I did something completely frivolous and unnecessary this weekend. No, I’m not referring to watching the GRAMMYs (though I did that, too – loved Adele, LL Cool J and also Bon Iver’s acceptance speech, though I admit I have little clue who he is aside from Bon Iver not being his name). I mean I prettied up my blog. I wanted something that allowed for wider images without being completely stark like some WordPress themes are.  After some trial and error I settled on the Luscious theme, which was easy to customize. Quite proud of myself for figuring out how to add the social media buttons in the upper right, though it did take me about ten tries to get it right. I’m sure there will be more tweaking here and there (my header was hastily made, for example) but I kind of like it.

Now back to my real Monday night, after-the-kids-are-in-bed work.



  1. It looks fabulous! I did some tweaking of my own this weekend. I have no clue how to add those link bottons-where’s the tutorial? I really like the simplicity and tidy look.

    • I had to google “Luscious theme” social media to find my tutorial – I think there are different instructions for each theme. I had to make a custom menu with CSS something or others (love how technical I am?) and then insert that custom menu into a special theme header. It was slightly maddening, but I got it!

  2. I’m too scared to bugger about with my blog. But I think mine looks a bit Lego-ish

  3. Your tips for getting the social media buttons have been very helpful. Thank you.

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