Goodbye, Old Toys! Farewell, Diaper Champ!

My Facebook groups are becoming a bit overwhelming. I belong to nine of them right now and sorting through the updates each day really clutters my newsfeed, turning my 10-minute Facebook habit into a 12-minute Facebook habit, and I just don’t have time for that.

One really useful group has been a local online garage sale, though. It’s a little like Craigslist, I suppose, only it’s just for my town, and the only people in the group have been added by someone else, so there’s a feeling that it’s a little more secure. For example, when I’ve met up with someone so they could have an unused toy, I can see through Facebook that even if I’m not friends with them, they’re friends with two other people I know. So not quite as anonymous.

Here is just a sampling of the things I’ve either given away or sold in the last week. Feels so good to have these unused items go to someone who can use them.

Search Facebook for your own local garage sale, I know a lot of communities have started them. If you don’t find one, start one yourself! You can find the directions here.

We donate a ton of outgrown clothing and toys each year, either to our local community resale store, Goodwill, other charitable organizations, or to friends, but sometimes it feels good to get a little money out of your things.  So you can buy more stuff, of course! Only kidding. Sort of.

You have to decide what is worth selling vs. donating, however. Donating is far faster, plus you feel good about your charitableness. Giving to friends makes you feel good, too, and I usually do that with items that other friends passed along to us, just to continue the good karma. I try to sell things only if I think I can get $10 or more from it, otherwise it’s not quite worth the hassle of photographing them, listing them, and arranging for pick up.

When you sell online to people you don’t know, I recommend meeting in public places. We use our Target parking lot, for example. I always feel a little like I’m conducting a drug sale for some reason, but it’s pretty safe and it works!



  1. I am a BIG big big donater to Goodwill and I also have found some fabulous finds there! I call it The G.W.

    I had a big yard sale with my mom about 4 years ago and got rid of the last of the major baby stuff. It felt good. However we still seem to accumulate so much crapola!

    p.s. love the idea of a Facebook online garage sale group! I have thought about doing something like that for our public school uniforms so parents can trade.


  1. […] gun, to name a few. Little did Miles know I’d already chosen his main gift months ago. On the Facebook online garage sale group I belong to, a woman posted a used iPod Shuffle her son had outgrown. Twenty-five dollars. […]

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