Sunday Comics

My kids make me laugh. And sometimes it’s not even because they are particularly funny, but because they are so earnest and innocent.

Jonah found a penny this morning. His reaction? “I have a million dollars!” How does my two year old even know about millions of dollars? I assume some TV show. Wherever the source, his glee at the fortune of his penny was worth a good chuckle.

Then sweet Isla. I was reading the Sunday paper, and she asked me if I’d ever been to the Super Bowl. “No,” I answered, “I haven’t been to many football games at all.” Then she asked if Zachary had. No, no, Daddy hasn’t been to the Super Bowl, either. Isla smiled and said, “So today is the first time any of us have been to the Super Bowl!” She knows we’re heading to my sister’s house today for a Super Bowl party and assumed that meant we were going to the actual game. Thankfully she didn’t seem disappointed that we’re only going to see her uncles, aunts, grandparents and cousins today and not any famous football players. Now it makes more sense that she got a book about football at the school library this week.


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