Lofty Home Organization Goals for 2012

I’m finally catching up on my Google Reader backlog (over 300 posts, scary – and no, I didn’t read even close to all of them) and was inspired by my friend Joanna’s blog at Questionable Housekeeping. She’s making a list of projects she’s working on, and it caused me to have a moment of panic over all the rooms and spaces that need to be overhauled in my own house.

So, for a bit of accountability I’m sharing some things I’d like to work on this year. Some are never going to happen due to time or finances, but a girl can dream, right?

1. My office. Oh, my office. The office is right off the front entry, and has become a catch-all for the homeless items that need to be hidden away when guests come over. It is a black hole of papers, old computer equipment, unused scrapbooking supplies, and did I mention papers? I’m not even going to dare show a photo. It’s been organized many times before, but it always seems to end up in this state again, which tells you a lot about by organizational skills. The plan is to replace a bookshelf full of books I never touch with a more functional IKEA shelf we’ve had for months but haven’t assembled yet. Move the bookshelf… somewhere else. Not sure where yet.

2. Move the laundry room to the basement. Calling the space a “room,” is a joke, I am not even sure it’s as big as my bedroom’s walk-in closet. It sits at the back entry of the house, where we have just a small closet that is supposed to hold all the shoes, coats, hats and gloves for six people. Because the closet is so small, shoe storage has spilled into my laundry space, giving me even less room to maneuver in. The doors on our washer and dryer can’t be reversed so they hit each other when open. We have a counter top over the washer and dryer, but it’s a chaotic mess. I attempted to corral all the cleaning supplies with cute baskets, but as you can see they are barely visible. And yes, I am particular about laundry so I use three different types of detergent (Dreft for Jonah’s things and delicates, then a Tide for warm water and one for cold water).

The goal is to move the washer and dryer into a space the same size, but which will not have to double as shoe storage. We will stack the washer and dryer and we already have cabinets to go into the space. We just need to save up some money so we can pay for a plumber, electrician and for my brother to do the finish work. Once the laundry gear is moved, we will turn that laundry closet into a mud room. I’m hoping for some sort of open locker system, but we’ll see.

3. Toys. We have more toy than four kids could play with in three years, I think. Now that Jonah is almost 2.5 (I don’t want to talk about that), we can really purge the baby toys. I have this hang up where I think I need to sell every unusable thing in my home so we can recoup some money, but the truth is I don’t really have time to deal with that. I’m going to sell a few big ticket items but I think the rest will need to be donated. A secondary goal is to decorate the play room a bit (the play room is actually supposed to be a dining room, but it is much better served as a toy room right now). See that frame on the wall? I used to have portraits of Miles, Isla and Grant on the wall. When we put together the IKEA cabinet I took down Isla’s and Grant’s to make room, intending to hang them back up, but never did. And I have never even printed a large images of Jonah. So right now if you walked into our play room you’d think we had just one child.

4. Powder room overhaul. We have one half bath on our main floor and it’s a pretty decent size, but it looks totally empty. One small pedestal sink, the toilet, and little cabinet placed randomly in the corner. The sink has a superficial spider web crack from one of the kids dropping a ceramic soap dispenser in it. The room needs a new, more proportionate vanity, a tile floor, paint, and something to fill the tall walls.

5. Basement. Another catch-all for homeless items – old toys; outgrown clothes I need to sell, donate or keep to pass on from boy to boy; furniture we don’t have room for but want to keep in case we finish the basement; my mom’s belongings that have been sitting in boxes, undisturbed, for five years; seasonal decorations; empty boxes; empty picture frames; and more. We need to do a deep purge and put up shelving.

6. Garage. We have a three car garage and currently only space for one vehicle. We need to move some of that stuff to the basement, and organize or purge everything else.

7. Kitchen cabinets. I hate them. I hate their generic shape and faintly orange oak color. I want to paint them white, but we can’t afford to hire someone to do it, and I don’t really have the time to do it myself, so I just dream about a white kitchen, instead.

Those are the main projects on my mind right now. I think the biggest issue is we just have too much stuff in every single room of the house. I have a sense of anxiety over all of the things that seem to do nothing but sit and taunt me with their clutteriness.  It is amazing how many possessions we own that we never use and some we never even see.

Time to make some serious cuts. I must be ruthless.



  1. I’ve found watching old episode of Hoarders on Netflix good motivation. And don’t stress about the white kitchen. I’ve sworn I’ll never have white cabinets again. They look nice and bright, but they show EVERYTHING. Good luck with your plans!

  2. Looks pretty normal to me, lol. I seriously get one room good and cleaned out only to trip over a mound of dirty laundry waiting to be sorted in the hall. But…when I have guests over everything looks “normal” in about 2-3 hours of huffing it, and that’s what I call success.

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