I’m Not Jogging

So, I’ve lost a lot of pregnancy-accumulated weight in the last two years. About 40 pounds, which, for someone my height (short) is decent accomplishment. And I am proud of how far ive come on my journey back to my pre-kids weight, but I have an annoying sensation it’s not enough.

The day before Thanksgiving 2011 I weighed 135. When I graduated from college I weighed about 148 (but got down to 124 the year after), the day I got married I weighed 133, and the day of my very first OB appointment with Miles I weighed 145. So 135 felt pretty good, though I can assure you, 135 on a mid-thirties woman who’s had four babies does NOT look the same as 135 on an athletic, no-babies-yet woman of 25. And can I just add how depressing it is that those weights are ingrained in my memory, yet I sometimes forget how to spell Miles’ middle name?

Anyway, 135 didn’t stand much of a chance against Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities, and I’m back up to 140. My goal, loosely, is to get to 130, but I’m not as worried about the number on the scale as I am about the way I look and feel, and how my clothes fit.

Joined a gym with free childcare and tried it this morning. Wow, why didn’t I do this before? Jonah happily played with other kids for an hour while I made a fool of myself in my first strength training class. That meant an hour where I was not only getting fitter, but NOT listening to a tantruming two year old who missed his school-aged siblings. Perfect! When can I go again?

I also joined MyFitnessPal, a site and app you can use to track your calories and exercise each day, which I find crucial to losing weight.

I entered my breakfast for the day (eggs and a crumpet), my lunch (turkey wrap with hummus and an apple), and my cheating snack (chocolate covered almonds – hey, it could have been worse!) and even preemptively entered the glasses of Moscato I will be consuming at bingo to tonight. Yes, bingo. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

Then it was time to enter my fitness for the day. Guessed that my strength class was closest to circuit training, but when I went to add my jog on the treadmill I found they didn’t have my speed listed as an option.

That’s because, friends, 4.5 mph is apparently just “very, very fast walking,” not jogging, and therefore listed under “walking.”


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