An Imbalance of Power

Recent conversations between me and Jonah:

Jonah (at 9 am, in sweetest voice possible, with sparkling eyes): Mallows, Mommy?
Me: Oh, sure, honey, you can have some marshmallows.

Jonah: Outside, Mommy?
Me: Okay, baby, we’ll go for a short walk.

Jonah: iPad, Mommy? Angry Birds? Pigs?
Me: Sure, sweetie, let me turn the game on for you.

Jonah: Passie, Mommy?
Me: Right here, little bub, I have three pacifiers for you to sleep with.

And then…

Me: Jonah, it’s time to get in your car seat.
Jonah: No!

Me: Jonah, let’s go sit down so we can eat lunch.
Jonah: No, Mommy, no!

Me: Jonah, all done Angry Birds. Give me the iPad.
Jonah: No! No! No! Pigs! PIGS! MY Hi-Pad!

Me: Jonah, let’s go get Grant from the bus stop.
Jonah: No, no. Mommy go.

Me: Jonah, it’s time for bed, go give hugs and kisses.
Jonah: No! Watch Gumby!

Me: Jonah, do you want Mommy to buy you a car when you’re sixteen?
Jonah: No!

Me: Do you want me to pay for college?
Jonah: No!

Have to take those small victories where you can get them.

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