I’ve Been Pinned – Pinterest and Web Statistics

When you operate a website, even a small, humble blog, it can be fun to look up the statistics showing who is looking at your site. I use Statcounter, a free service that allows you to track hits and unique visitors to your site. I wish I could see where these people are finding the site, but mostly I just see what city their ISP is in and which pages they looked at.

And now I’ve learned how to see if any of my images/articles have been “pinned” on Pinterest. What is Pinterest, you might ask? Well, if you’ve ever been the type of person to tear pages out of magazines to keep for inspiration, such as recipes or decorating ideas, Pinterest might be right up your alley. It’s a streamlined way to keep a visual record of ideas and things you like. Be forewarned, it can be a little addicting.

I happened to find out that an image from my business blog was pinned, and it made me interested to see if anything from this blog had been pinned, as well. A quick Google search discovered that to find out what has been pinned from any website, simply put http://pinterest.com/source/websiteurlhere into the address bar. So to find out if anyone had pinned anything from Everyday Commotion, I typed in the information with my URL.

And what do you know? One person has pinned me! My latest post with the jewelry shadowbox. I feel so loved.

stats for wordpress


  1. Very cool! I love Pinterest. It’s so addictive.

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