School Paper Organization Trial – Elementary School Homework, Forms and Artwork

I am nearly drowning in paper. I have paper all over my desk. Paper all over my office floor (it’s organized into piles that need to be put away, I swear!). Paper on the kitchen table. Paper on the counters. And school hasn’t started yet!

Last year I thought I’d try to be smart. I bought a wire organizer with four baskets and hung it by our rear entry door, where we usually come into the house. The problem? We usually kept the folding doors of the closet open, obscuring the organizer entirely. Total fail.

The before (with closet door, camera right, closed so you can see wire rack):

This year I decided to put organizers in a more intuitive location – where the papers tend to accumulate naturally. I bought Real Simple brand cardboard magazine files and labeled them with the other three kids’ names and then one for “house.” I intend to train each child to empty their school folders into their respective files so I am no longer hunting through half-foot-deep stacks of paper for math worksheets and permission slips the night before I think they are due.

The after (much better spot, I think):

I obviously can’t comment yet on whether this system works, but I will be sure to update. In the meantime, it looks decent on the counter

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