Walt Disney World Vacation with Four Kids – Part IV – Magic Kingdom

Finally getting around to writing about the last three days we spent at Walt Disney World with our four children and my husband’s parents. Only six months after the trip.

Day Four – Magic Kingdom
I think I can safely say that this day was truly the most magical of the entire vacation for the kids. And because they had so much joy during the day, it was my favorite day, as well.

Months before the trip we made an appointment for Isla at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which is basically a beauty spa for the princess-obsessed set. Like most other areas of Disney, the cast members at the boutique are fully in character, treating each girl as if she is a member of royalty. After a brief wait Isla was ushered inside the boutique where she was able to choose which hairstyle she wanted (she chose the traditional princess look of a bun with a tiara, to go with her Cinderella dress that we brought from home) and they also do some lip gloss, glitter in the hair, and nail polish. The entire time Isla was facing away from the mirror – not until the transformation was complete did she get spun around to see her new look, not unlike some makeover shows.

I wish I could adequately describe Isla’s reaction. She saw herself and started smiling and didn’t stop for two days. She carried herself in a way that made me think she was acting a little more regal than normal. I wanted to cry it was so cute, and I’m not normally one to be excited her daughter wants to buy into the princess craze.

After the princessification, Isla and I visited some characters outside of the castle for photos, such as the evil stepsisters and stepmother and the Fairy Godmother. I told Isla she could choose one souvenir from the shop next door and she selected a magic wand. Everywhere we went, people complimented her princess attire, and cast members would greet her with a sincere, “Hello, princess!” Honestly, her reaction to being treated like a princess just made my day. Was it attention for something superficial? Yes. But she loved every minute of it and I loved that she was so happy to be a princess for a day.

Our next stop was Cinderella’s Royal Table for lunch, another popular character meal that books up quickly. We stood in line outside waiting for our seating, then went inside the castle for a photo op with Cinderella before being shown to our table.

We were right by a window, so had a great view of the courtyard outside of the castle and inside the dining hall. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was a little surprised by how truly castle-like it was on the inside. I wish I could remember her name, but we had a wonderful waitress who said she’d worked at Disney for nearly as many years as it had been open (if not as long). I had the niçoise salad and a crème brûlée, both of which were great. Isla had cheese pizza, I think, and then a make-your-own sundae dessert.

Cinderella’s Royal Table does accept the Disney Dining Plan, but because of the experience it is worth two dining credits instead of just one. For this reason just Isla and I went, but the boys were off having their own adventure.

Which brings me to the boys’ part of the day – they went to The Pirates League, where they were treated to fully in-character cast members speaking in pirate tongues, teaching them to swashbuckle and talk like a pirate. Miles and Grant both had their faces expertly done up to make them look like they had days-old stubble and some injuries to their faces, like any good pirate might have.

Fewer kids go to the Pirates League than to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, if the number of kids we saw in pirate costumes vs. princess gowns was any indication, so the boys got a lot of attention with their costumes (bought on eBay and brought from home, to avoid paying more for Disney costumes). Grant was particularly in character, growling at passerby. At one point we had a group of people stop and give Grant a pin because he was the best pirate they’d seen all day (they gave the other kids pins, too, which was very nice of them).

So all day the kids got positive attention in their outfits, a lot of cast members and strangers interacting with them and talking to them because of how they were dressed up. And they ate it up! Even Miles, who is naturally more reserved, enjoyed the spotlight for small moments.

Zachary and his parents and the boys ate at Liberty Tavern Inn while Isla and I were at CRT, and they said it was really good food. We had a beautiful day and did the Jungle Cruise (which scared Isla with the faux savage animals), tried PhilharMagic (scared Isla, so we had to make a quick exit, during which she lost her wand in the dark, meaning we had to stay outside until the show ended to go back and find it), and the Swiss Family Treehouse (which scared me, because for some reason I failed to remember I am scared of heights until we got to the top).

Dinner that night was quick service at Pinocchio Village Haus, which was very big and overlooked It’s A Small World, but the food was underwhelming.

Then it was back to the hotel for some sleep! Seeing the castle all bright with the holiday lights on our way out was pretty spectacular.

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