I Think She Paid Me a Compliment

Yesterday I met a new woman, the mother of one of Isla’s classmates. After we’d been chatting for a while I mentioned having four children.

“You have four kids?” she said, gasping. “You look good for having four kids.”

Not the first time I’ve heard this, and while I do understand it’s meant to be a compliment and I try to take it as such, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean if I had five kids I’d look awesome, and if I had only three kids I’d just look okay?

I don’t want to look good for having four kids, I want to look good without a qualifier. Working on that. I’m matron of honor in my sister’s wedding in 90 days and I need to not feel like crying in my bridesmaid dress, so the treadmill, elliptical trainer and Jillian Michaels have all become good friends.

I know I haven’t posted in a while and I still need to finish my Disney recap, but life has been, well, filled with commotion.

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