I Can’t Have Cake, Because Then I Will Eat It, Too

We’ve had a few birthday celebrations this week. That means cake.

Two problems with our cakes. First, we decided somehow we were too busy to make our own cakes, so we bought two from grocery stores, totaling about $41.00 in cake. Or roughly 5X the cost if we’d just made them ourselves from mix. This is just one reason we will never be billionaires.

Second, we then had cake in the house. I am not a big fan of cake, itself, but I am a big fan of frosting. Cake merely becomes the vehicle and excuse to eat frosting. I can resist some candy and junk food, but I have a hard time resisting good, sugary buttercream.

I had been doing so well, too. I worked out five times in eight days, which is good considering my almost non-existent exercising the last couple of years. I made sure to have fresh fruit and vegetables on hand. I have been trying to increase my water intake instead of hydrating solely with diet soda.

And then the cake. With great frosting. Now I’ve been undone. Clearly I need to work on my impulse control, or I’m never going to lose these 25 pounds that will bring me, finally, to my pre-childbearing weight. I haven’t gained any weight in the last four months, but I haven’t lost any, either.

So, it’s back to online tracking of every bite that goes into my mouth through Weight Watchers. It’s back to making sure I work out at least three days a week (yes, I know more would be better, but I’m being realistic here – I have four kids and I work from home in my so-called “free time.”). After I graduated from college I realized in horror I’d gained about 20 pounds my last two years, and I worked very hard to shed that extra weight. I worked out six days a week and counted every calorie that passed my lips for months before the weight was gone, and then for an additional three years to maintain. So I know I can do it.

Then again, I am 10 years older now and my body has carried four large babies.

And there are birthday cakes around every corner.

I can do this, though. Right?



  1. This. Blog. Is. Wonderful!

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