Netflix is the Eighth Wonder of the World

I am sure you are just burning with questions by now – “Did she really sleep in her workout gear? Did she wake up early enough to work out? Did she exercise?”

I’ll keep you waiting no longer. I really did sleep in my exercise gear. I wanted to see if it would make me more excited to get out of bed in the morning. However, I didn’t fall asleep until probably 1 a.m. or later (typical for me) so my alarm going off at 6 am was quite unwelcome. And it also woke the baby up. Lovely. I managed to hit snooze four times before rolling out of bed, then I had to get breakfast for the kids. I had no time to locate my newest pilates DVDs, and while I have some O-L-D videos from The Firm that I love, our VCR died a few months ago (I told you the videos were old).

Now this is where the miraculousness of Netflix’s streaming movies comes into play (I promise I don’t work for Netflix; I think it’s pretty clear from the state of this blog that I’m not raking in any dough for endorsements). Seriously, I feel like my level of awe and wonderment may be nearing how people felt when they first saw a plane soaring through the sky or watched color TV. We have a Wii, right? And we have a sorely neglected Netflix subscription and a router to provide wireless internet access in our office, right?

Well, some genius has figured out a way for our Wii (with a special Netflix DVD inside) to somehow communicate online with our Netflix queue and we can choose videos to watch from our TV instantly. I truly do not understand how this works and trying to think about it makes my brain hurt (I get hung up on the DVD – what exactly does it do?? Is it telling the Wii what to do?), but it’s pretty cool. The kids mastered it in about twenty minutes after Zachary first set everything up, and have had their fill of Scooby Doo movies during television time.

The options for movies and shows with this method are fairly limited, but there are a few workout videos available, so I added some to my instant queue late last night and fired it up this morning before the kids had to get to school. I had to put Jonah in the pack n play two feet away from me so I wouldn’t accidentally step on him, but during the last 10 minutes he was protesting so much I let him out and he just crawled all over me while I did floor exercises. Nothing like giggling over a baby to help with that ab work.

I ended up doing Crunch: Boot Camp Training and managed to complete the whole thing, baby attacking me and all. I fear that tomorrow I may be unable to move without wincing, but it sure felt great to exercise again.

Of course, then I ate two cookies during the day. Frosted cookies, no less. You win some, you lose some.


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