Tonight I Go to Bed an Optimist

I was going to work out tonight. No, seriously, I was.

Yeah, I haven’t worked out regularly in almost two years, but I have had totally valid reasons for that. I was injured, I had a baby, I didn’t get enough sleep, I had the wrong shoes, I had to wash my hair, blah blah blah. Okay, so the only legitimate excuse I have for not working out in those two years is one month on bed rest. But at least I do have a legitimate excuse, I think even Jillian Michaels would give me a pass for that.

But tonight I was going to work out. I wouldn’t put off today what could be done tomorrow. The kids were in their pajamas by 7:00, they’d been to the bathroom and brushed their teeth by 8:30, and I was in my workout clothes by 8:45. That shows dedication; I don’t usually get to the “getting dressed for exercise” part.

Then Isla was scared and kept asking me to check out the sounds she thought she heard. Then I got sucked into Facebook waiting for Isla to fall asleep. Then I did two loads of laundry. Then I watched a YouTube video called Marcel the Shell and the amazing sequel.

Now it’s 10:57 and I am still wearing my clean, unexercised-in workout clothes, and I’ve had a brilliant idea.

I am going to sleep in them.

Then when I wake up I will think, “Gee, I’m already dressed, guess I’d better hop on the old treadmill!”

I will report back in the morning about the success (or lack thereof) of this plan.



  1. midwestkids says:

    Awesome post. I was reading it in a meeting and I had to contain my desire to actually LOL when I got to the part of “I am going to sleep in them”.

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