No turning back now – today we bought our airline tickets for our trip to Walt Disney World.

The last time we flew as a family, we only had two kids.

This will be fun.




  1. It will be fun and the weather will be heavenly!!! The best part for both our kids was the airplane ride. They’ll have a great time!!! We put movies on our Ipad and let them watch with headphones. It was easier than lugging around a laptop. We also brought lots of snacks…I’m sure you’re prepared with all of these things, but just a thought!!!

  2. We went to Disney this past July for the first time since my fourth one was born…we yelled at the kids, everyone was exhausted, it was hot, we got cranky…
    but we all had a great time and even went back a few weeks later…just brace yourself! It’s tiring!
    Come take a peek at my blog if you’d like to read about when we went…maybe it’ll give you a heads up!! Good luck…

  3. We went to Disneyworld last year with our seven kids. My tip to you as far as keeping track of them all is to dress them in the same color. They don’t necessarily have to be wearing the exact same thing, but it has to be the same color. Unusual colors work best, even better if it’s a bright color. It works in two ways…easy to spot them and if one does go missing, easy to remember what they were wearing!!!
    Our trip was chaotic and stressful for me but fun for the kids and full of family memories – have fun!

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