This is Your Car…

… and this is your car on Sam’s Club.

(What you can’t see is that that cargo well goes down at least a foot below where the door latches. This is just the tip of the shopping trip iceberg, literally.)

With four kids, I find myself at the grocery store, oh, about five times a week. I do meal plan, but inevitably I forget to add something to the list, I forget the list entirely, the store is out of something imperative to a recipe, or one of the kids gets so squirrelly that I have to leave before getting everything I needed.

You’d think I’d be at Sam’s Club more often, but we don’t have the greatest storage space for 40 pounds of hamburger or 100 taco shells. Every once in a while, however, I load up.

I’ve learned over the years that not everything is actually cheaper at Sam’s. I’m pretty good at remembering how much something costs at my regular grocery store vs. Target, but the sheer volume of a Sam’s Club item throws me off.

So I got smart and one day when I was at Target alone (this is necessary, as this takes concentration) I used my handy notepad function on my Blackberry and entered the Target size and price of common food and cleaning items I buy. Don’t worry, no one will look at you funny, they’ll just assume you are really into texting. Then when I went to Sam’s I could consult my cheat sheet and use the calculator function to figure out which store had the best price per ounce.

This is how we ended up with a gallon of dill pickles.

Buying in bulk may save you money, but it doesn’t always make it smart, you see. My kids, who normally love pickles, suddenly don’t want to eat them. And it’s not exactly easy to find recipes incorporating pickles. I may have to start hiding them in sandwiches and pasta (dill pesto, anyone?).



  1. I was laughing so hard from this post title and picture after just coming back from BJs! You go in to get a few things and end up buying the whole store, never fails!!

    Check me out:

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