Out of the Mouths of Babes…

Yesterday I had to go grocery shopping, and all of the kids tagged along. Sometimes people are amazed I do this, but the kids are used to being out and about with me, and there’s no drama most of the time. Well, very little.  Yesterday Grant was in what I would call “rare form,” though.

He had his first time out before we even got out of the car in the grocery store parking lot.

As I went around the other side of the van to get Jonah out of his car seat I heard Grant yell at me angrily: “Fine, you weirdo!”

I can only assume he learned that from a TV show or Miles and he doesn’t really know what it means, just thought it would sound appropriate in the moment. Luckily I was already out of his sight so he couldn’t see me clap my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. It’s hard to scold a kid for saying something rude when you’re laughing. And laughing would encourage him to do it again, possibly to his preschool teacher, and that would not go over well. I don’t think what he said was right, and I won’t think it’s funny if he says it again, I was just so caught off guard I couldn’t help myself.


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