Dear Hotel-Mates

Dear Other People at Our Hotel,

I realize you must have big, important plans at 11:23 pm on a Tuesday night in this small freeway town of Nebraska. So important that common courtesy has flown right out the window as you traipse up and down the hallways outside our room, slamming doors every five minutes.

Thanks to you, I am searching for white noise websites I can play off my laptop while I try to sleep. My kids and husband are fast asleep. You’d think I, too, would be exhausted after 12 hours on the road in a minivan, driving through patches of lightning and rain. Oh, that’s right! I am exhausted, and I was looking forward to some sleep, but once again my light-sleeping tendencies are proving to make my hotel stay incompatible with sleep. Though I am honestly surprised anyone is sleeping on this floor or the one below us.

I will wake with the alarm on my phone, set to go off in 5.5 hours, and get in the car for another day of rest stops, gas stations and fast food. Thank you for at least making my stay in Nowhereville, NE memorable.

I hope my kids wake you up in the morning.


Overtired and Weary Traveler


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