Too. Much. Travel.

We had a great day yesterday – we saw not only Zachary’s parents but his sister and her three gorgeous children, one of whom we hadn’t met yet. The kids made fast friends and ran amok around the house and in the backyard, even though it was about 1,000 degrees out.

Speaking of 1,000 degrees, I am in a hotel in Nashville for a photography workshop. That’s right, after driving over 1000 miles to Albuquerque I flew to Tennessee to learn how to use my flash better. My trip today was not as hassle-proof as our drive, I’m sad to say. I failed to remember the 1-ounce liquid rule for carry ons and had three things confiscated at security (my fault!) and then as I was getting on the plane, literally one step away, the flight attendant told me all the overhead compartments were full so I’d have to check my carry on. Well, everything I needed for this weekend is in that suitcase, which is why I was doing carry on. She assured me it was going right on the plane.

You can see where this is going. I watched my flight mates get their black and red suitcases from the baggage carousel but mine never showed up. The guy at the baggage counter was no help – “These things happen.” I understand he was just doing his job, and it was no fault of his the baggage was lost, but I was pretty upset. How does luggage 6 inches from a plane end up not on that plane?? I spent 1.5 frantic hours on the phone with American Airlines figuring out how to get clothes for the mixer I was supposed to attend the meeting, nevermind replacing the laptop I’d need in the morning. I had just been given authorization to spend $100 on clothes, shoes and toiletries for the evening (from the airline) when I got a call that my bag had been found. With luggage that had arrived from New York. Because that makes perfect sense, right?

Anyway, I’d been on my way to find a taxi when I got word it arrived. Made my way to my hotel, went to the mixer where I was about the only person without an iPhone or a Twitter account and I felt about 6,000 years old (to borrow Grant’s favorite number). Tomorrow is the workshop and I’m looking forward to learning a lot, even if I feel a little stodgy. For now I’ve got a hotel to myself and I should be enjoying it, but instead I miss my kids and my husband, and wish I was back in New Mexico enjoying a vacation with them and the in-laws!


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