Good Morning from The Land of Enchantment

We arrived at Zachary’s parents’ late last night. Yes, we made the trip in two days. Yesterday’s tally of hours on the road? Seventeen. And that’s after 6.5 hours Monday. The kids were absolute rock stars, we are so proud of them. I thought I might have some funny and mildly horrifying tales of melt downs, but I’ve got to be pretty boring and say they were amazing, especially considering they couldn’t get out any of their energy. Having a DVD player in the car is nothing short of a miracle, but they didn’t even watch movies nonstop.

We left Monday afternoon at about 3:00, as Zachary had to work that day. The day was stressful for me, I was trying to clean up around the house so we wouldn’t return to a disaster zone, had to pack (um, yeah, hadn’t packed a single item of clothing before that day – that’s how I travel), and, of course, take care of and play with the kids.

About an hour before we left Grant was throwing (throwing!) a plexiglass cover to some toys and the corner came crashing down on his face, causing a nice little puncture wound. My boys have something against their faces, the older two have scars galore already. As I was packing the car I stepped on a red crayon melting in our driveway, getting red wax all over before I noticed what had happened, but I considered those to be pretty minor setbacks.

Made it to Lincoln, Nebraska the first night before the kids decided they’d had enough of the car.

Yesterday we got up at 5 a.m., had free breakfast at the hotel (where the kids ate chocolate donuts the size of their heads; always a good idea to start a long car trip with loads of sugar), then got on the road. We were looking at over 12 hours of driving time before arriving, not counting stops. As we got into Colorado our fancy new GPS system tried to get us to take a smaller freeway diagonally down to Santa Fe, but in the end it would have only saved us 45 minutes and possibly been a nightmare with being on a 2-lane rural highway, so we took the mainstream freeways.

While in Colorado a rock smacked our windshield and gave us a nice starburst crack right in the middle of it. Hooray for insurance; we’ll hopefully have someone come out today to fix it.

We had an early dinner in Colorado Springs and made the decision to just keep driving. The kids were told we wouldn’t be getting out of the car until bedtime and they did so well, I’m really proud of them. Just a little whining and probably only 3 dozen “Are we there yet?” questions. The three youngest kids eventually fell asleep and we got to Zachary’s parents’ at about 11:00 p.m. (which was basically our midnight, before driving into a new time zone). The baby didn’t go back to sleep well, thinking he’d just woken up from an awesome nap and it was now play time, but the other three crashed.



  1. So glad you made it! Isn’t it incredible how a huge cross-country adventure can go so well but somehow a trip to Target can be crazy! Have a wonderful time on vacation and enjoy soaking up the sites, sounds and tastes of the area! We’ll have fun reading your blog!

  2. Yeah! I’m glad to hear it went fairly well. 17 hours on the road with 4 small children is no small feat!!! Keep us updated. We’ve got the house under control. Garbage is out today, mail has been checked and we didn’t locate any little bear in the front yard…Sorry!

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