Let’s Get This Show on the Road

It’s 11:20 in the evening. I’ve got about five projects going on, most of which involve packing for a nearly 2-week trip we leave for tomorrow, but hey, why not write the first blog post? I figured this way I can write about the craziness that is certain to come about when the six of us climb into the minivan tomorrow afternoon and begin our 1300-mile journey to visit my husband’s parents.

Hi, by the way. I’m not Heather, but I’m going to go by that on this blog. It’s the name my parents almost gave me before I was born. Seems like all the cool bloggers with kids give everyone fake names, so I might as well, too. My husband will go by Zachary, the name a nurse talked his mother out of using. And I’ve given our four children names I would have loved to use if not for my husband’s strong veto power. Miles, our oldest, is going to be in second grade. Isla, our only daughter, will be starting kindergarten, Grant, the second boy, will be in preschool. And our baby, Jonah, will turn one in a couple of months.

So, there you go. I’m taking a little break while I try to figure out how to log into the administrative account on my laptop so that I can stay connected on the road. Zachary is nearly giddy as he plays with our new GPS (he’s currently telling me about how it will find all the closest gas stations for us).

The beginning of this blog will document our cross-country road trip, but I also plan to write about life with four kids, trying to be frugal (actually, asking for tips on how to be frugal would be more like it) as we save up for our trip to Walt Disney World later this year, and maybe some recipes or thoughts on life thrown in.

The next time I write, the day will either have gone very well or very badly, I don’t imagine there’s an option for something in-between. Hopefully we’ll be at a hotel nearly halfway to our final destination, we’ve got a long way to go.


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